16 Best Things to do in Bracebridge

Things to do in Bracebridge

Bracebridge is town located in the heart of cottage country and the seat of Muskoka District Municipality, in Ontario, Canada. The town was initially built-in in 1875 and it was built around a waterfall, nearby the Muskoka River. There are some other close waterfalls including Wilson’s Falls, High Falls. Bracebridge is the center of tourism for the Muskoka region and homeland of many historical sites, for example Woodchester Villa, Silver Bridge and the Clock Water.

Bracebridge offers visitors kayaks, canoes, standup paddle boards, skis, and snowshoes. Also visitors can learn how to ice climb, fat bike and more. The city is shaped by its closeness to Lake Muskoka to which it is attached by 6 miles of the famous Muskoka River. Bracebridge was a village, including a population of 160 in township Macaulay, Victoria County by 1869. The village was founded close to the Muskoka River.

This town Is known for its beautiful surroundings, including forests, rivers, waterfalls, and lakes. Bracebridge has a rich history and culture, and was a hub for the logging industry in the early 1800s, But today this city is a popular destination for tourists. You can do and enjoy many outdoor activities for adventure in this city, like boating, fishing, hiking, and skiing.

In this article, I will talk about top 15 things to do in Bracebridge. If you want to spend your vacations in this charming city, then this article is only for you. Here we discuss everything you need to understand before going to Bracebridge, like the best time to visit Bracebridge, the famous food of Bracebridge, and where to stay in Bracebridge. The answer to all these Questions is in this article.

1. Santa’s Village

Things to do in Bracebridge
Santa’s Village

Santa’s Village is situated on the banks of the Muskoka River. It is the oldest and largest children’s amusement park of Muskoka. Santa’s Village is separated into three parks based on age groups. This popular park has been Santa’s summer home for over 50 years. There is also a family campground. Visitors can spend the day touring the Muskoka River, riding Santa’s train, Red Baron’s plane travel and watching 3D animated movies.

This amazing park is cuddled up among high mature trees, so lots of shade is there. Although, the size of the park is small but it’s easier to navigate for small kids. The food is far better than other parks and also the park is very clean and staffs are very friendly. Visitors can feed reindeers , meet Santa Claus and much more.

2. Woodchester Villa

Things to do in Bracebridge
Woodchester Villa

Woodchester Villa, also known as The Bird House was built in 1882. This historic octagon house is located at 15 king street by the Muskoka River in Bracebridge, Ontario. It was the home of woolen manufacture Henry J. Bird and his family for over three generations. The walls of the building are made of 16 inch-thick concrete and between 4.5 metres and 5 metres in width. The design of the house was influenced by 19th century architectural Orson Squire Fowler.

Woodchester Villa is famous for having electric lighting, ventilation shafts, and air heating. The Bird House also gives the opportunity to enjoy the gardens and explore one of the the Muskoka region’s heritage buildings. The Bird house can be booked in advance for special events including weddings, meetings, private functions and events

3. Downtown Bracebridge

Things to do in Bracebridge
Downtown Bracebridge

Downtown Bracebridge also known as Muskoka’s Downtown is placed few steps away from the natural beauty of the Bracebridge Falls. The downtown is homeland to famous red brick buildings and some matchless architectural features. Downtown Bracebridge is attached by the famed Silver Bridge and Bracebridge Falls.  It has been chosen one of the 10 most historic downtowns in Ontario, as per Ontario Business Report.

Downtown Bracebridge provides a wide mixture of shops, services and dining halls. The downtown is a beautiful place to take a visit and leisurely walk to many merchants. There is one active Business Improvement Area (BIA) that holds special events. The downtown is also having great restaurants, art galleries, clothing stores and outlets for sporting tools.

4. Cruise Tour on the Muskoka River

Bracebridge Is a very adventurous city for tourists. There is a very beautiful river named the Muskoka River. You can do many activities here, like fishing, boating, and cruising on this river. If you are traveling with Your loved one, this can be an amazing moment for you and your lover.

5. Go hiking

This City has many scenic trails for you and some famous trails are Kerr Park, Bracebridge resource management center, and High Falls Trail. If you are planning to go there with your friends, then you must go for hiking, because this city is known for hiking and this charming city has a pleasant environment for hikers.

6. Explore Muskoka Brewery

Are you a beer lover ?, Not really. You can answer yes or no, but you must visit Muskoka Brewery. This is the largest Canadian brewing company. This is a place Where beer is commercially made. This place is either called Brewery or Beerhouse. You can visit here and test some samples of naturally made beer. This company’s door is always open for tourists. Tourist often visit there and try delicious brews. 

7. Visit the Muskoka Discovery Centre

This is a must-visit tourist attraction for for all tourist. You can get more information about the history of Bracebridge city. This is a very beautiful Museum for history And art lovers. You can learn more about this city’s rich history and beautiful culture. This Discovery Centre allows you to discover local wildlife and the logging industry. You can also see a great collection of antique boats. If you are visiting Bracebridge city, then you should visit Muskoka Discovery Centre. 

8. Go fishing

Fishing can be a very joyful moment for you and your friends if you are visiting with your family then you should go fishing together. You listened to some great stories from your father and grandfather of their finishing enjoyment. But did you try it yourself? Bracebridge City is a Famous fishing spot in Ontario. This city has many Fishing spots like Muskoka Lake and River, falls, and Lake Rosseau. These are all well-known fishing destinations.

9. Visit the Farmer’s Market

Suppose you are a shopping lover and want to buy fresh products like crafts, baked goods, and many more. You can visit the farmers market and enjoy shopping. This market takes place on Sundays In between May to October. Focus on the name of this market. The farmer refers to the fresh quality goods in this market. Some vegetables and fruits have directly come from farmers. 

10. Go Snowmobiling

Snowmobile is a motorcycle made for icy surfaces. This will be a great adventure for you and your fellow travelers. Bracebridge has many Snowmobiling trails for Adventure lovers. Snowmobiling Provides you with a very thrilling experience in winter. You can rent them in nearby places and enjoy the scenic winter landscape. This act can be very dangerous, and you can get injured by doing this, be careful doing Snowmobiling. You must have carry an expert in Snowmobiling.

11. Fire and Ice Festival

This annual function takes place in January month. If you visit Bracebridge During this festival season, You can see people celebrating this amazing festival. Bracebridge Becomes a Wonderland in the winter season. Here you can enjoy live music, ice sculptures, and a bonfire. It’s a great way to experience the beauty of this city.

12. Enjoy golf

Bracebridge has many Golf clubs. You can enjoy playing with them. South Muskoka Golf, Curling Club, and Bracebridge Golf Club are famous in the city. Playing golf in beautiful Muskoka scenery can give you a haven-like experience.

13. Muskoka Heritage Place

This place gives you an experience of living in the 1800s or early 1900s. As you know, Bracebridge Is a historical city, and the City has a rich history and culture. You can explore the City’s Historical beauty In this Heritage place. This place can be a hidden gem for you. You can also ride a vintage train and also take a ride on the portage flyer.

14. Enjoy Snowboarding & Skiing

Bracebridge Gives you a great opportunity of Skiing. It would be best to have a high-altitude area for great Skiing Because Skiing Is a sport of sliding downward from Height. And this area is located just along with City. You can get great snowboarding and skiing opportunities. If you are going with your family, then there is a snow tubing Park to enjoy with the whole family.

15. Hot Air Balloon Ride

You can see this city from the sky. It could be a great experience for you. If you want to see this city from this unique perspective, you must book a ride on a hot air balloon. You can see Amazing waterfalls, rivers, forests, and beautiful greenery from above.

16. Algonquin Theatre

This is a must-visit place for tourists. You can watch live comedy shows and various events in the Algonquin Theatre. You must check their schedule for upcoming performances and book your slot before closing. You can get more knowledge about Algonquins by watching them live. This is a transitional language be

The Famous Food of Bracebridge

Bracebridge Offers a variety of items to eat. Let’s have a look at all the famous food of Bracebridge.

Muskoka Maple Trail: This City Is famous for its Maple Syrup. You can visit the Muskoka Apple trail to test all Maple products. You can test Maple butter syrup and all other products.

Smoked meat sandwiches: Have you ever tried smoked meat? This city offers a variety of delicious smoked meat items. Here you can try fresh meat with bread.

Fish and Chips: With green valleys and beautiful landscapes, this city is known for its huge fish market. There are many restaurants where you can try delicious dishes made with fish and chips.

Beer: Bracebridge Is known for many craft breweries. They offer various items and delicious beers. You can explore this place because they are known for their friendly and relaxed nature.

Butter Tarts: If you want to experience a sweet and creamy ice cream-like feeling, Then you can try Butter Tarts of Bracebridge.

Where to Stay at Bracebridge

If you are a Solo traveler or have friends or family with you, Accommodation is the biggest problem every traveler faces. But this is the 21st century, guys. Bracebridge Provides you with many accommodation options with many limits.

Resorts: If you have a big budget and want to live a luxurious life in Bracebridge, Then Resorts are Open for you. There are various amenities here, like spa service, outdoor activities, swimming pools, golf courses, .etc. Taboo Muskoka Resort, and Muskoka Bay, Are the famous names of luxurious resorts in Bracebridge City.

Bed and Breakfasts Service: You can visit here and enjoy their services. You can come here if you want more personalized rooms and private life. You can enjoy homemade breakfast and many other activities depending on the Charge.

Hotels: If you have a tight budget, you can stay in hotels. There are many hotels in this city. If you are coming with your family here, you can stay in budget-friendly hotels. Bracebridge has a large number of hotels.

Camping: If you don’t want to spend any money on Accommodation. If you enjoy camping, Then you can stay in a personalized camp. This city has many campgrounds, like ridge park and KOA. You can also enjoy camping with your family and friends because the green landscape has no harmful animals.

Best Time to Visit Bracebridge

The best time to visit Bracebridge Depends on the activity you want to do here. If you want to do outdoor activities like fishing, boating, and hiking, the best time is between June and August because the temperature remain very pleasant. The temperature ranges from 18°C to 25°C. The rivers and lakes are at their warmest, So the summertime is very good for water activities.

But if you are more interested in skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling then December to February is the best time to visit Bracebridge. At this time, the town and surrounding landscape are covered by snow, and the most beautiful attractions are changed to the White Desert. Bracebridge city seems like a Wonderland for you if you are a winter lover.

And if you prefer a good cooler temperature but not ice at all, you must come here between September and November. This is the best time for stunning fall foliage. During this period, all lives of trees changed to vibrant red color and gave a yellowish orange shade to the overall environment. You can also enjoy cycling and hiking during this period.

Final Words:

Bracebridge Is a beautiful and historical City. This city has vibrant history and culture, which are attract all tourist from different part of the world. I think this article may helpful you, if you want to spend a quality time in this city. in this article  we discussed 15 best ways to enjoy in this city and beauty and the best places, famous food accommodation options, and the best time to visit here.

If you like this article, then please share this with your friends and family, who really want to enjoy . If you have any questions, you can comment in the comment box. And also you can read our other articles on many beautiful cities in Canada.

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